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۲۴ دی، ۱۳۸۶

We hate

One friend in Toronto said:

Iranians hate two types of people

1- Racists
2- Arabs

۷ نظر:

bahar گفت...

and unfortunately some cults are full of hatred towards anyone who doesn't follow them

حرفه ای گفت...

بابا کوتاه بنویس... بابا خوشگل بنویس... آقا جان تو همین حرفی که زدی یعنی اینکه خط کشیدی بین عرب و غیر عرب. بین ایرانی و غیرایرانی

Single Cypress گفت...

As an Iranian, I am not a racist and just because of that, I try not to hate any other race; cos this is just an obvious kind of racism itself.

Max the Racist گفت...

We Iranians invented algebra, mathematics, nanotechnology and computers, Arabs did nothing. deal with it :)

Mohandes bazargan گفت...

To max the idiot:

you will be really sad to hear racist people in western countries tell you the exact same expressions in order to kick you out of there.

Think before talk you close minded unexperienced idiot

Amir Hossein گفت...

عزیزان بابا به هم توهین نکنید. این مکس خودش زخم خورده دوران برده داری تو آمریکا است

تک درخت گفت...

زخم خورده دوران برده داری
مکس جان این رنگین پوستی هم کار دستت داده ها