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۲۴ آذر، ۱۳۸۷

سردترین شهر دنیا

دمای شهرما یا بهتر بگم فریزر ما منفی 27 درجه بود که جاتون خالی یه بادی هم می‌وزید که دما با باد می‌شد منفی 44 درجه گفتم بگردم ببینم الان کدوم شهر خراب شده دیگه‌ای این دما را دارد. انکرج در آلاسکا، مسکو و استکهلم را چک کردم که دمای آنها به ترتیب منفی 16 منفی 4 و مثبت دو درجه بود. در این دما تنها کاری که می‌شود کرد انجام آزمایشات عملی هست که در جاهای دیگه قابل اجرا نیست یا گران هست.

آزمایش از این قرار است که آب را جوش بیاورید، آن را در لیوان ریخته خود را کاملاً بپوشانید به بیرون رفته آب جوش را به هوا پرتاب کنید. برای این کار به جسارت نیاز نیست چون چیزی که پایین می‌آید برف و یخ هست. من این کار را کردم و نتیجه آزمایش برای دانش پژوهان روی یوتیوب قرار گرفته.

هشدار انجام این آزمایش برای بچه‌های زیر 10 سال خطر یخ زدگی دارد و برای مناطق گرم با دمای بالای منفی 15 درجه خطر سوختگی، ناقص شدن و یا کور شدن دارد.

توصیه‌های ایمنی را جدی بگیرید.

۸ نظر:

ناشناس گفت...

If only we could change our lives that easily, too!

Dash Moein گفت...

az tarfe mamanet:
Ghorboonet beram,nimikhad dars bekhoooni.

zohre گفت...

amirhossein ghablan gofte boodi oonghadram ke migan sard nist!!!
injoori ke inja neveshti adam garmazade mishe ke!!!

Amir Hossein گفت...

پریناز ببین برای یک لقمه نون حلال آدم به کجا ها که نمی رود

Amir Hossein گفت...

داش معین حالا شهر شما هم که آمدم دیدم که اینجام سرده

Amir Hossein گفت...

بالاخره باید آدم باید مرد بشه و سختی بکشه. گرما زدگی هم یکی از مواردشه

Dash Moein گفت...

As a travel web site, TripAtlas.com is all about giving travellers all over the world fun, interesting, and news-worthy travel articles, content, photos, and features.

After articles like the Top 5 Most Expensive Pizzas in the World and How to Pee All Over the World, TripAtlas.com now brings you the 5 Coolest Places in the World.

Is it New York City? Perhaps Toronto? Hong Kong? London? Well, it's not London, England, as cool as fish and chips, Chelsea FC and the Queen may be. It's not Hong Kong, either, no matter how many shopping districts and diners you may find open at 4 a.m.

The coolest on place on earth, in the entire world is in fact -- a desert. Huh?

1) Vostok Station and Plateau Station, Antarctica
How Cool? Vostok: -128.6°F or -89.2°C and Plateau: -119.2°F or -84°C
Antarctica is considered the coolest or coldest place on earth, inhabited only by seals, penguins and scientists for half of the year. It's also considered a desert (the largest desert in the world!) because it has little precipitation (just less than the Sahara) -- even though it's completely covered by massive amounts of ice.

The records of the coldest temperatures in the world were taken at the Vostok and Plateau Science Laboratory Stations on Antarctica. The "coolest place" award goes to Vostok Station where the temperature reached -128.6°F or -89.2°C on July 21, 1983.

2) Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk, Russia
How Cool? Oymyakon: -96.0°F or -71.1°C and Verkhoyansk: -89.8°F or -67.7°C
Siberia is in fact the coldest inhabited place in the world. Oymyakon village found in Eastern Siberia, has a population of 900 and an average temperature of -96°F or -71.2°C during the winter that lasts nine months. This region is so cold that if you take out an empty plastic bag outside, it will freeze in minutes and shatter like glass. Children are not allowed to play outside for more than 20 minutes during a winter day -- to keep their lungs from freezing!

Verkhoyansk is located near the Arctic Circle and had a population of 1,434 in 2002. They have a river port, airport and fur-collecting depot. It is also a centre for raising reindeer (for Santa, no doubt).

3) North Ice Station and Eismitte, Greenland
How Cool? North Ice: -86.8°F or -66°C and Eismitte: -84.8°F or -64.9°C
Both recording of these temperatures at North Ice Station and Eismitte were on expeditions made by European scientists and explorers in the 1930s (Eismitte) and the 1950's (North Ice). Both were made on Greenland's inland. At Eismitte, researchers spent a 12 month period from September 1930 to August 1931 recording temperatures. July was the warmest month at an average monthly temperature of 10°F and -12.2°C. The coldest month was February at -53°F or -47.2°C.

4) Snag in Yukon, Canada
How Cool? -81.4°F or -63°C
The small village of Snag, Yukon takes the record for the coldest temperature in North America to have ever been recorded and was February 3, 1947. The village is located just south of Beaver Creek, Yukon and is located in a valley. This village was settled during the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1800s. In the mid 1900's, only approximately 10 natives lived here along with fur traders.

5) Prospect Creek, Alaska, United States
How Cool? -79.8°F or -62.1°C
Prospect Creek is located just 25 miles southeast from Bettles, Alaska. It was at a pipeline camp in January 23, 1971 that this record was taken at -79.8°F or -62.1°C. It is considered the United States' lowest recorded temperature.

ناشناس گفت...

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