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۰۶ آذر، ۱۳۸۶


From: one of my Canadian friends
To: me
Would you please translate it for me:

I don't have my lap-top with me, but, do was have enough cable to take the data on your computer in the lab?

۷ نظر:

saat-sheni گفت...

I think it's merely a typo (was instead of we), but you are being such a "molla noghati"! :D

Amir Hossein گفت...

No I am not molla .... but he usually send me e-mails like this and I can not understand him. he is Ph.D. student.
I supposed that may be its my fault.

nazarzadeh گفت...

what about this one:

Its not easy to prove or reject his Jewish background and I guess its can not be true in the other hand it's not important. But his """"graduate background"""" is interesting and undeniable.

Amir Hossein گفت...

I did not say I'm perfect.
I'm from Iran not Canada :).
I try to correct it.
Thanks Nazarzadeh

ناشناس گفت...

امیر جان فقط رو حساب رفاقتمون خواستم به جناب نظرزاده بگم
که هر که بی هنر افتد نظر به عیب کند
البته بنده خدمت نظراتتون ارادت دارم آقای نظرزاده، ولی چه میشه کرد که حافظ گاهی اوقات می زنه توی خال!:) در ضمن برای این که زحمت شما رو هم کم کنم باید بگم که بی هنر تر از خودم توی دنیا وجود نداره:دی ببخشیدا

Amir Hossein گفت...

پویا جان متشکر از حمایت همه جانبه ات ولی با این شعرت من رو هم زیر سوال بردی چون من هم از یکی دیگه ایراد گرفته بودم
آدم بعضی وقت ها احساس خدایی می کنه این نظرات خوبه باعث می شود فکر کند

nazarzadeh گفت...

Hi Pooya khan

I am personally a big fan of this blog and his owner who is a good friend of mine;

My hint was supposed to be a constructive criticism and by no means I was looking to look at other people faults or shortcomings as you referred.

If the main purpose of comments and feedbacks is to help each other improve our thoughts and writings, I definitely succeeded.

Look at Amir’s response to see why!!!