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۰۴ آبان، ۱۳۸۶

Bedoone sharh

ديدار جمعي از نابينايان با رييس جمهور

۴ نظر:

Nazy گفت...

Salam. Siah sent me to you. This picture is hilarious! With all due respect to visually challenged, I think they are so lucky not to have to see this guy! If only he was the president to the blind and deaf mute of the country, nobody would suffer too much having to put up with him. Your blog is a happy space. I think I will come back again soon. Take care.

صادق گفت...

چقدر احمقه این رئیس!

Amir گفت...

سیاه رو دیدین سلام برسونید.

Amin گفت...

واي از خنده روده بر شدم
خيلي باحال بود